Weigh-In-Wednesday: Week 3, I now have something in common with Will Smith…

… and a lot of random new born babies: Seven Pounds.

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Go jump out of a perfectly good plane.

I have started reading Nerd Fitness a few weeks ago, and the author is looking for an Epic Quest of Awesome. While it is on his list- I wasn’t sure how committed Steve was to making a parachute jump out of a plane. So I posted a comment, and now wish to expand on that with a little about my first jump.

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Weigh-In-Wednesday: Week 2, Still not on track

I am not where I want to be. My gym visits were great at first, and have really slumped since then. Drinking water and powerade only has not happened yet, and I still have the occasional dessert. As for tracking everything I eat- great days, and horrible days. I am going to continue to hone in and focus on those objectives over the next 7 days.

Despite feeling like I am not doing everything I wanted- the little I have done has paid off. I lost weight for the 2nd week in a row, and it makes me realize that if I could be on top of my goals, I would have a much more impressive start to this change in my life.

I have lost 3.5 lbs so far, and cut about 3% body fat. I have also lost about 1.75 combined inches.

Here’s to a new week, and meeting goals.

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Weigh-In-Wednesday: Week 1, First week done!

My first week is done.

I’ve done “OK” tracking food, workouts, and eating better. I’m not off soda yet, and I did not get to the gym as often as I had wanted. Certainly some goals for the next week.

Overall, I dropped 2.5lbs, and lost a couple of inches all around.

Goal for upcoming week-

  • no more soft drinks or caffeine
  • more gym visits
  • better tracking of food and workouts on MyFitnessPal
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Careful on the high seas.

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