This weekend I will start my Juicing diet, based on Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.

Hopefully next week there will also be some active effort to work out- ride a bike, go to the gym, just walk the dog- we’ll see. I’ll do periodic weigh-ins and fitness tracking.

My juicer is from HamiltonBeach, and my new scale is a Withings scale. They are both amazing. The Juicer has made a few glasses so far- and while I have nothing to compare it to, I’d say it does the job very well. Cleaning it isn’t completely horrible- but it is a little time consuming.  The Withings scale is a WiFi enabled device- that uploads my measurements to a secure account, which I can access on my smart phone or laptop. It measures weight and Fat %, and then displays your BMI. This should help see visible results right away- as well as make it easy to record my weight- by not making it a chore. I will still do occasional taping to monitor other statistical improvements- as well as some fitness benchmarks.  My diet starts in 3 days!