As I research my family ancestry- I keep finding relatives who were Freemasons. I will seek additional information when available, including masonic record cards, details about their affiliations, and any photographs or records of interest.

Virgil Augustus Mann (Great-Grandfather)

Lodge No. 183
Initiated 5-19-1923 [EA DEGREE]
Passed 5-28-1923 [FC DEGREE]
Raised 6-4-1923 [MM DEGREE]

Virgil Augustus Mann – Freemason

Amos Mann (3rd Great-Grandfather)

Lodge No. 127
Initiated 10-21-1882 [EA DEGREE]
Passed 11-18-1882 [FC DEGREE]
Raised 12-23-1882 [MM DEGREE]

Amos Mann – Freemason

William E. Cowin (Great-Grandfather)

Lodge No. 481
Initiated 9-2-1916 [EA DEGREE]
Passed 11-8-1916 [FC DEGREE]
Raised 12-13-1916 [MM DEGREE]
60 Year Award Recipient

Cowin Family Freemasons

Robert J. Cowin (2nd Great-Grandfather)

Lodge No. 342 & 506
Initiated 10-1-1886 [EA DEGREE]
Passed 10-15-1886 [FC DEGREE]
Raised 11-19-1886 [MM DEGREE]
Affiliated (Lodge 506) 9-25-1934

Cowin Family Freemasons

A complete list of the men in my family, going back 5 generations. As I find a mason, I’ll update this list.

Paternal Line / Paternal Line / Paternal Line
Me (yes)
Father (no)
Grandfather (no)
Great-Grandfather Virgil Augustus Mann (yes)
Great-Great-Grandfather Oliver A. Mann (??) (B. 7 Feb 1868 Windham, Cumberland, Maine)
Great-Great-Great-Grandfather Amos Mann (yes)
Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather Aaron Mann (??) (B. 11 Dec 1810 Raymond, Cumberland County, Maine)
Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather Fisher Mann (??) (B. 23 Jan 1785 Alstead, Cheshire, New Hampshire)

Paternal Line / Maternal Line / Paternal Line
Me (yes)
Father (no)
Grandmother (no)
Great-Grandfather William E Cowin (yes)
Great-Great-Grandfather Robert J Cowin (yes)
Great-Great-Great-Grandfather George Cowin (??) (B. 26 Dec 1815 Ireland)

Maternal Line / Paternal Line / Paternal Line
Me (yes)
Mother (no)
Grandfather Thomas Fogt (??) (B. 28 Apl 1925 Ohio)
Great-Grandfather Clem Fogt (??) (B. 21 Oct 1887)

Maternal Line / Maternal Line / Paternal Line
Me (yes)
Mother (no)
Grandmother Charlotte Fogt (no)
Great-Grandfather Jacob J.R. Ashenbach (??) (B. 8 Oct 1900 Newport, Kentucky)
Great-Great-Grandfather Jacob Aschenbach (??) (B. 31 July 1848 Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany)