While sharing some other Masonic finds with family, my grandmother revealed to me that her father and grandfather were members of the fraternity as well!

I emailed the Grand Lodge of Ohio seeking some additional information and was able to obtain the following:

Masonic Record Card for William E. Cowin

William E. Cowin:

Member of Hillman Lodge #481 changed their name to Wick Lodge #481. They are still an active lodge in Poland, Ohio. This is all the info I could find on William. The Shrine office had a storage issue awhile back and were unable to locate his record for me.

Darlene Shirk – Grand Lodge of Ohio Genealogy
Masonic Record Card for Robert J. Cowin

Robert J. Cowin:

Received his degrees in Tuscan #342 – left there and joined Andover #506. Tuscan was located in Pierpont, Ohio and has since merged with Relief Lodge #284. Andover has since merged with Triandria #780 in Rock Creek, Ohio. The Grand Commandry Recorder reports that Robert was an active member of St. John’s Commandery #20, Knights Templar of Youngstown until his death.

Darlene Shirk- Grand Lodge of Ohio Genealogy


PDF of Robert and William’s Masonic Record Card

Jackie Mann’s Father: William E. Cowin – https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/6547553/person/-1266834110/story

Jackie Mann’s Grandfather: Robert J Cowin – https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/6547553/person/-1264788976/story