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If you’ve wanted to listen in to team radio and track announcements- now you can do it yourself for about the same price as rental! Plus you’ll be able to do it every year afterwards at no extra cost.

Cars are input on channels that correspond with their number. So if you see a car pulling into the pits, or watching the lead change- perhaps a crash just happened- you should be able to type in the car number into your radio to skip directly to that frequency.  All car and track frequencies are set with “Duplex off” to avoid accidentally transmitting on these frequencies.

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Offers & Details

I use CHIRP to program my Baofeng radio, and then export it to a CSV file that anyone else can use to import, or use as reference for a different programming method. You are free to use it and share with your family and friends. All driver frequencies are found on the official spotters guide. Additionally, I have added in frequencies that in the past have included the PA system, race officials, broadcast radio feed, and TV feeds. Some of these might not work- but they are there to experiment with. (Channels 116-127)

I’ve added the NOAA weather frequency on channel 000 for this year.

Finally- my export includes local Indianapolis repeaters and national calling frequencies for HAM operators. You must hold a Armature Radio License in order to transmit on these frequencies- but you can always listen! (Channels 100-115) (Learn more about obtaining your HAM license here)

When choosing your radio- make sure you don’t forget your programming cable! Inputing all this work by hand will take some time, and the $20 cable is probably worth it!

What You’ll Need


Programming Cable


Chirp Programming Software
Other Chirp compatible radios

If you already own or want to buy something other than the Baofengs listed above- the Chirp software should be able to program any of the following radios.



  • AT-5888UV

    Also includes the Intek HR-2040

    Also includes the Polmar DB-50M

    Also includes the Powerwerx DB-750


  • DR-03T
  • DR-06T
  • DR135T
  • DR235T
  • DR435T
  • DJ596T
  • DJ175T


  • F-11
  • UV-3R
  • UV-5R and variants
  • UV-6
  • UV-82/82L/82X

    Also includes the GT-5

  • UV-82C
  • UV-82HP/82DX/82HX
  • UV-B5/B6

    Also includes the BF-V85

  • BF-666S/777S/888S

    Also includes the GT-1

  • BF-F8HP

    Also includes the BF-A58

    Also includes the BF-F9V2+

    Also includes the GT-3TP

    Also includes the UV-5RTP

    Also includes the UV-5R7W


  • BJ-UV55
  • BJ-9900


  • UV-2501
  • UV-2501+220
  • UV-5001


  • FD-150A
  • FD-160A
  • FD-268A
  • FD-268B
  • FD-288A
  • FD-288B
  • FD-450A
  • FD-460A


  • IC-80AD
  • IC-2820H
  • ID-800H
  • ID-880H
  • IC-208H
  • IC-2200H
  • IC-91/92AD
  • IC-V/U82
  • ID-RPx000V/RP2x
  • IC-2100H
  • IC-2720H
  • IC-T70
  • IC-T7H
  • IC-T8A
  • IC-Q7A
  • IC-W32A
  • IC-746
  • IC-7200
  • IC-7000
  • ID-31A
  • ID-51A


  • KT-980HP


  • JT220M
  • JT270M
  • JT2705M (use QYT KT-UV980)


  • JT-6188 Mini (use QYT KT8900)


  • TH-D7A/G
  • TH-D72
  • TH-F6A
  • TH-F7E
  • TH-G71A
  • TH-K2
  • TK-260/270/272/278
  • TK-260G/270G/272G/278G
  • TK-360/370/372/378
  • TK-760/762/768
  • TK-760G/762G/768G
  • TK-860/862/868
  • TK-860G/862G/868G
  • TK-7102/8102/7108/8108
  • TM-271A
  • TM-281A
  • TM-D700
  • TM-D710
  • TM-G707
  • TM-V7A
  • TM-V71A


  • NC-630A


  • VV-898


  • PX-2R (UHF)
  • PX-777


  • KT-UV980
  • KT8900 (same as KT-8900)


  • H-777 (use Baofeng BF-888)
  • RT-B6 (use Baofeng UV-B5)


  • GT-890 (use QYT KT8900)


  • TH-UV3R
  • TH-UVF1
  • TH-9000
  • TH-9800


  • FT-1D
  • FT-50R
  • FT-60R
  • FT-90R
  • FT-817/ND
  • FT-857/D
  • FT-897
  • FT-1802M
  • FT-2800M
  • FT-1900R/2900M
  • FT-7800R/7900R
  • FT-8800R
  • FT-8900R
  • FTM-350R
  • VX-170
  • VX-2R
  • VX-3R
  • VX-5R
  • VX-6R
  • VX-7R
  • VX-8R


  • MINI-8900


  • KG-UV6D/UV6X
  • KG-UV8D

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