I’ve got a few evenings coming up where I can watch a movie that my wife might not normally be interested in watching.  Tonight was a nice glass of good bourbon, and a classic I remember watching with my dad for the first time a long time ago. I’m pretty sure the first time around a lot of the jokes were over my head. I’ve seen it many times between now and then- but I seem to easily forget entire sections of movies soemtimes, so it was good to catch up again with this great classic.

What other movies should I invest some time in? Other ones I haven’t seen in a while, or something new? I was looking at The Art Of Manliness- Best Movies to Watch – and there are a few I’ve seen and remember, one or two I think I’ve seen, and have no clear recolation of, and tons I have never seen. Check out the list- any that you think I should try first?

Ability to stream on Netflix increases the chances I’ll watch it 😉