Black Lives Matter.

I wanted to sell prints of this photo, with 100% of net proceeds to be donated to the Madam Walker Legacy Center in Indianapolis. But respecting the artists wishes I have been asked that their work not be sold. So I have made the full resolution image available here for you to download, and in exchange, I request that you donate money either to the Madam Walker Legacy Center as originally intended, or to any/all of the artists. My image may be printed on any medium as personal use, but can not be resold, redistributed, or reused without permission.

The mission of the Madame Walker Legacy Center is to Inspire, engage, and empower individuals in our culturally diverse community. The Indianapolis BLM mural is on Indiana Avenue, also home to the Madame Walker Legacy Center.

For more information about the work of the Madame Walker Legacy Center, visit

“I would like to make a donation to the Madam Walker Legacy Center or to any of the artists who created the mural”
– please feel free to download the full resolution image

I’ve donated- Let me Download!


Before and After Photo Processing

Artists of the Black Lives Matter Mural

#: Jarrod Dortch – @jarroddortch 
B: Nathaniel Rhodes – @thekingnathaniel 
L: Rebecca Robinson – @psnob 
A: Amiah Mims – @amiahmimsy
C: Billy Hoodoo – @billyhoodoo
K: Kevin West – @artbykwest
L: John G. Moore – @john.g.moore.jr
I: Gary Gee – @originalgarygee
V: Deonna Craig – @deonna_heartbeat
E: Rae Parker – @raeparkerart
S: Ess McKee – @essmckee
M: Wavy Blayne – @wavyblayne
A: Harriet Watson –
T: Shane Young – @artbyfitz
T: Israel Solomon – @israelsoloart
E: Shamira Wilson – @shamirawilson
R: Ashley Nora – @ashleynora_art
Fist: Kenneth Hordge – @fingercreations

Curated by: Malina Simone Jeffers – @malinasimone