Saloman Le Man

Saloman Le Man is currently the furthest back I have been able to trace the Mann family name.

Here is someone’s family tree, our family splits off with Salmon’s grandson, James; Where this particular tree follows another linage.

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Mann Family History and potential Coat of Arms

Previously tracked family to William Mann (b.1607) can now go back even further to Saloman Le Man (b.1400s) and some info about a possible coat of arms.  A better image of this coat of arms can be found in the previously uploaded PDF I have from the George S. Mann book.

Mann Family History:

“This mural (below) was erected by Frances Blaverhasset as a monument to her husband, William Mann, after his death. It depicts the husband and wife kneeling before a desk, as well as the Mann coat of arms: a chevron ermines, between three lions rampant, sable. This tablet was placed on the north side of St. Mary Bredin Church, Canterbury, England. However the church was destroyed during the bombing of WWII in 1942. She died in 1600.” (Mann Family History)

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